Promises are sky high and vast;
pacts are earth firm and lasting.

In the form of the half-moon to a single cup, double cups are in the meaning of satisfactory, perfection and the well-being. This set of the teapot is called the pot of promise which signifies promising each other. It is deal for the new couple as a blessed present.

In terms of the function, this teapot can be used to drink the tea, the flower tea as well as the coffee. The form of the teapot derives from the traditional cast-iron teapot. Furthermore, it’s not so easy to produce a flat surface like a still lake, smooth as the mirror.

The handle made of copper is delicate and elegant, reflecting the artistic and precious value of this teapot. The cover of the teapot and the handle of the cup are designed according to the form of “Ruyi” (the S-shaped jade). Ruyi is always on behalf of valuable thing, and it means good fortune and pleasant; also, means profound culture. In the ancient times, the girl who receives the Ruyi from the king is nominated to be a queen.