《 Hold and hide 》
Hold your heart and everything will be;
hide your anger and pray for peaceful lives.

There are six colors: black, white, red, grey-blue, silver and gold.

is followed the old etiquette to the contemporary style tailored for the tea cake boxes of ceramic, (Puerh tea is the post-fermented tea, so we recommend the tea we just bought back has to let it contact with the air about two weeks before being placed in the containers).

The form of the full moon is the most appropriate gift to associate with the unity and happiness of the festival with the whole family.

Therefore, the candy or cookies for the New Year or as the flower utensils can decorate the home, adding the festive atmosphere.

Color: Red/ White/ Black/ Sky Blue
TWD 2280 per unit
Color: Gold/ Silver
TWD 3180 per unit