《 Box of silent waits 》
Silently bless a thousand years;
quietly observe the earth’s course lives.

These series of the pottery can be better used for placing the loose tea leaves, the tea bags or the coffee beans; the silica gel inside the bowl cover consolidates the function of the moisture-proof.

The material and the colors are the same as the series “hold and tide”. The color of gray blue is referred to the kiln “Ru” in Song Dynasty, it color is identified as the grey blue sky after the raining.

The color what’s worth to be mentioned is the gold and the silver which presents the modern and the fashion, keeping up with the urban trend. The gold and silver colors are plated after glazing the color on the pottery. The sophisticated manufacturing process makes the hues more smooth and delicate as the mirror. Every detail reveals our pursuit of the best quality.

The pyramid-formed dent in the bottle of the tea vessel prevents the product from the friction. Being both as the tea vessel and the object of art, we offer the varieties of the color as the choices to match with the hues of the furniture in the room.

The concept is to make the disposable packages of the present becomes recyclable in the way of environmental protection. The consuming behavior is not just the resource wasting.

Color: Black/ Red/ White/ Sky Blue
TWD 1780 per unit (tea not included)
Color: Gold/ Silver
TWD 2180 per unit (tea not included)