The Act of Giving

The Chinese people enjoy several thousands of civilization that is rich in culture and bound by etiquette.

To treat each other in accordance to etiquette: first-time presents are to show goodwill toward new met friends; baby shower presents are to express happiness for newborn children; marriage presents are to send blessings to new wedding couples, and; birthday presents are to wish endless joy for the new added age.

To “be aware” of life’s beginnings and ends; to “show promise” to unknown places; to compliment the “hills and mounts”; to learn humility before the vast unknown; within the “round sky” and “square earth”, we observe how high and bright the sky is, and how thick and flat the earth is, proving the universe to be a place where endless treasures “hold and hide”, including such treasures as “sincere purity” and “silent waits” which in times of “brightness” shall make the eternal promise bearing the signature of the “royal seal”.

Etiquette demands that “true etiquette shall know heaven and earth, follow the four seasons, respect the Yin and Yang, and be following human nature.”

“Within etiquette lies the human condition.” Thus that which follows etiquette shall forever be in existence and reborn itself incessantly throughout time.