CHA CHA THÉ-Four Best Taiwanese Tea

Think of Tea, Think of CHA CHA THÉ

SHIATZY CHEN, the legendary representative of Taiwan’s fashion industry, founded CHA CHA THÉ to promote Taiwanese tea culture. Upholding an easily understandable perspective and a fashionable style, CHA CHA THÉ wishes to make Taiwanese tea culture more approachable for international guests. Meanwhile, a series of elegant gift boxes has been designed to exemplify the warmth and friendliness of the Taiwanese people.

With the introduction of the “Four Best Taiwanese Tea” collection, CHA CHA THÉ maintains the core value of facilitating the enjoyment of Taiwanese tea and gifts.

CHA CHA THÉ carefully selects four best Taiwanese teas, namely Wenshan Baozhong (YI-CUI), Alishan Oolong (MI-XIANG), Dongding Oolong (LING-LU) and Oriental Beauty (YIN-XIANG). Hunting for the most qualified tea in Taiwan, a multitude of factors is considered: cultivation, fresh leaf maturity, leaf shape and twist tightness, fermentation, rolling and roasting as well as color and fragrance of the brew. The difference in flavor and complexity is determined by the terroir of a certain tea.


Sie Ying

Mo Bai

Cian Si

Du Ruo

Cian Si

When tasting selected tea, a gradual procedure is recommended, starting from the lightest to the thickest and from the simplest to the sophisticated. As a starter, the Wenshen Baozhong (YI-CUI) unfolds its many layers of delicate taste as if the slowly drifting clouds reveal the hidden, misty mountains on the horizon.

Wenshan Baozhong (YI-CUI) is a partially fermented type of tea (about 8~12 %). Its brew is usually clear and light green. Originating from northern Taiwan, Wenshan Baozhong has been considered one of the most crucial types of tea in Taiwan’s tea making history. Hot water at 80 °C is suggested for the infusion of Wenshan Boazhong to extract and preserve its exquisite flavors.

Next, one is invited to taste the 25% fermented Alishan Oolong (MI-XIANG), which offers an enticing golden brew with fresh floral fragrance. Growing on the high mountainsides of Chiayi County at an altitude of 1200~1800 meters, Alishan Oolong is famous for its deep, long-lasting flavor. Depending on the amount of roasting, one can even taste varying degrees of fresh and ripe fruits. Infused with 100°C boiling water, Alishan Oolong tea brings the serenity of the rain washed peaks and distant murmur of the fading sun.

Dongding Oolong (LING-LU) is the tea that will now tease your palate and usher in the morning sun. This type of tea is planted in Lugu Township, Nantou County at an altitude 700~1200 meters. Dongding Oolong is also a type of partially fermented tea of about 30%. Only experienced tea makers are capable of controlling the precise degree of fermentation and processing. Dongding Oolong performs best when brewed with 90°C hot water.

Ali Shan Oolong tea

Oriental Beauty (YIN-XING) is also known as the queen of Taiwanese tea. As a heavily fermented tea of about 75%, its flavor and brew are considered extremely thick and sophisticated. Planted at an altitude of 500 meters or above, leaves of Oriental Beauty are bitten by a special type of insect, Jacobiasca formosana. For this reason, Oriental Beauty presents a brew with a slight orangish red tint and a unique, honey-like flavor. Infused with 80°C hot water, one would experience the elegance and beauty of the queen.

In addition to the insistence on using tea of the highest quality, CHA CHA THÉ attends to every detail of the packaging in adherence to a commitment to aesthetics.