《 Box of royal seals 》
Royal seals fortunes protect,
peaks and summits demand cautiousness.

The form of this tea box is based on the concept of the Chinese royal seals. In Chinese history, the royal seals are made up of the selected jade and are made uniquely for the king.

Stainless steel combines the glass painting which has the effect of depth of field, reflecting a philosophy between the reality and the fantasy.

Three tea boxes consist of a Chinese traditional painting, but we can also separate them into three individual parts which leaves us the dynamic imagination.

The hand-made Chinese traditional painting is interpreted by the digital technique and then adds 4 layers of glass on it.

The heavy cover of the tea box is designed for pushing the air out to reach the best effect of the airproof.



Color: Black/ Red/ Gold
TWD 2680 per unit (tea not included)