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CHA CHA THÉ -【The Four Taiwanese Teas】

Between the streams only Lu Shui can hear ,
Within the tea remains CHA CHA still.

        CHA CHA THÉ is established by Mrs. Chen Tsai-Hsia, the founder of Shiatzy, the legendary and iconic figure of the fashion industry in Taiwan. She brings the Taiwanese tea culture to the world in her usual straightforward and fashionable style. At the same time, the company also continuously develops a variety of elegant gift boxes to demonstrate Taiwanese hospitality and our gift-giving culture.

        CHA CHA THÉ started out from producing high quality teas and gifts. While savoring smooth and sweet tea, and fancying the decoration of sophisticated gift boxes, the “Four Taiwanese Teas” series is the best way to treat your guest with our Taiwanese passion.

        The Four Taiwanese Teas selected by CHA CHA THÉ have also won the title of three kings and a queen among all Taiwanese teas. The teas have different leaf sizes, liquid colors, aromas, tastes, and types of brewed leaves. The teas also undergo different processes of fermentation, rolling and roasting, and have different fresh leaf maturities and natural habitats in order to have different layering effects of color, aroma and taste. Based on professional tea savoring skills and the essence of beauty, these four teas are named: “Perfumed Atmosphere” Alishan Oolong, “Natural Landscape” Wenshan Pouchong, “Dotted Dew” Dongding Oolong, and “Star in Cup” Oriental Beauty.

The Four Taiwanese Teas

Written Shades

Written Shades

Heaped Mountains

Countless Lights

Margins of Traces


Remaining One

Textures of Jade


Calmly Crossed

Extremely Precious

        From light to thick, from shallow to deep, drinking good tea is a lot like heavenly maids spreading blossom flowers. As if the vague silhouette of the heavenly mountains is hidden behind the fogs and rains, the teas are smooth with different layers of density, representing the different degrees of fermentation of the leaves. The lightest of all four, Wenshan Pouchong is like its shape: the hidden fogs have a literary ambiance while the mountains show their shapes, the chasing clouds recollect the flavors while the winds fix their shadows.

       As beautiful as mountain fog, Wenshan Pouchong is a lightly 8-12% fermented tea. The natural environment of green colors and clear water is hidden in Northern Taiwan, where the long history of Taiwanese tea planting originated. The God-given latitude gives the place the distinguishing, refreshing warmth that is rare and renowned. The perfect semi-fermentation. The brewing temperature is 80 degrees Celsius, and the tea is able to gently move through the throat bringing out the best of your noble heart.


        Further along the path, leads you to the best of 25% lightly fermented tea- the Alishan Oolong, the tea with the golden colors. Grown on the humid mountains between the altitudes of 1200-1800 metres in the Chiayi County, the tea has a rich taste coupled with a sweet and long-lasting aftertaste. The elegant flowery and ripe fruit fragrances depends on the degree of roasting. The great texture depends on the penetration of 100 degree water temperature. Even a small sip reaches the heart, as if thick clouds are turning around: with the cold mountains that are still on your mind but with the rain that has stopped, bringing you loving and inseparable whispers that remain throughout the night.

        The rain has stopped and the fog has formed. The night has been long and the dreams are no more now. From the east, the sky turns white. The early morning is like calamondin, which juxtaposes with the orange-coloured Dongding Oolong tea with its light green stem, dark green leaf and red border. Dongding Oolong is grown in the Lugu Village, in Nantou, between the altitudes of 700-1200 metres. Dongding Oolong is a 30% fermented tea renowned for its humble fragrance. Experienced masters can determine the heating levels by listening to the stirring sound during fixation. The perfect taste can only be brought out at the near-boiling temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.


        As the only queen of the four, the Oriental Beauty is special for her “Zhuo Xian” process. The 75% fermented tea probably has the best richness, taste and color among the four. Oriental Beauty is grown at the altitude of 500 meters and above in Northern Taiwan. The leaves are consumed by small green grasshoppers. When brewed at 80 degrees Celsius, the tea’s liquid color appears to be vermillion. Between each small sip it is like calling a beautiful maid to enter the dream, just like the poetry describing the tea as beauty by Su Dongpo: “Always, is good tea like beauty”. Drinking Oriental Beauty makes one indulge in the fragrances. The adorable taste that gets stronger if left not drunken is like a refreshing sweetness within the cold.

Besides the focus on tea quality, CHA CHA THÉ also delicately puts their best efforts in every single detail on the tea’s packaging. This is CHA CHA THÉ’s philosophy of beauty.


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