【 Taipei Da-An Concept Store】  

10685 No.23, Lane 219, Sec. 1, Fusing S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10685, Taiwan

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

T +886.2.8773.1818  /  F +886.2.2751.8389

【 The Store 】

        Located in the eventful atmosphere of the Da-An Road, Cha Cha – The Store is a peaceful and green oasis hidden in the middle of the city. At first sight, visitors will be intrigued by the sumptuous interior, seduced by the“Shiatzy”cultural touch.

World renowned architect Johannes Hartfuss designed an original space for Cha Cha – The Store. On display in the entrance are Mrs. Wang Chen’s personal collection of antiques, the interior made of oak subtly suggests the cherished value of humility in Chinese culture, making for a space full of poetry. Also by one of the greatest contemporary interior designer, Jaya Ibrahim, Cha Cha– The Store has this distinctive style, combining western and Chinese influences. Entering this place decorated with Satin Sheen Gold and Dark violet, one can forget about the anxiety of life, and simply admire the beauty of a wall made of tea bricks.

【 Traffic Information 】